Shooting Stars

8/03/2018 19:30.
Cert PG

Mae Feather is climbing the slippery pole to stardom duping her handsome actor husband Julian by conducting an affair with comedy actor Andy Wilks. This was Asquith’s debut film, and with the skill of his cinematographers a blurring of the lines between the characters’ public and private lives is realised visually. “It’s a great film: witty at first, always gorgeous and nailbitingly tense towards the end.”  Pamela Hutchinson,

Accompanied on piano by Andrew Youdell of the National Film Theatre.

Dirs:  Anthony Asquith/AV Bramble 97mins   UK   1927


  • A great piece of film history. Anthony Asquith’s knowledge of film from the international scene was applied to excellent effect in this love letter to all things film-making
  • Many thanks for the wonderful piano accompaniment
  • The pianist merited A+!
  • The music made it
  • Wonderful accompaniment – rather average film
  • Excellent music to set the mood but the relationships were somewhat less than believable
  • Piano – wonderful. Film – comedy next year, please
  • A bit better than the usual fluff but still risible after all this time
  • The seating in here is terrible!


A:16, B:10, C:4, D:0, E:0 to give 85% from 79% of those present.