Sorry we missed you.

6/02/2020 19:45.
Cert 15

Director Ken Loach and his long-time writer Paul Laverty once again turn their gaze onto the policies of austerity and how they have affected ordinary working people in the last decade. Sorry We Missed You focuses on one such Newcastle family, where the father, Ricky, has to work in the ‘gig’ economy as a self employed van driver for a large distribution franchise. His wife, Abby, is an essential worker in the care system on a zero-hours contract: they have two school-age children.

Loach, without any sentimentality, portrays a scenario currently widespread across Britain, where the so-called ‘working poor’ struggle to survive without proper job security. An ensemble cast delivers the naturalistic performances so characteristic of Loach’s narratives.    

Dir: Ken Loach, Britain, 91mins, 2019


  • Intense
  • Hard-hitting social drama that examined some of the worst current modern-day working conditions.
  • The harrowing performances gave a clear sense of the realism Loach is renowned for.
  • A heart wrenching story. Loach keeps telling us the truth – but we don’t listen!
  • Excellent film – one of Ken’s best. Is this ‘life’ in Tory Britain?
  • There was no exaggeration in this film – it showed things as they are. If only PM Johnson et al. could be made to see this film!
  • Too painful – too real
  • Worthy of John Steinbeck!
  • I gave it an A but hated it – things were clearly going to get relentlessly  worse.
  • How the Hell has it come to this?
  • Too depressing.
  • Shouldn’t films be entertaining? We know this is how it is – but what’s the answer?
  • I just love a happy ending …


A:21, B:5, C:2, D:0, E:0 to give 92% from 93% of those present.