GAZON MAUDIT (French Twist)


special-event-gazon-maudit-french-twist-jan-23rdLaurent (Alain Chabat) is married to the beautiful Loli (Victoria Abril) but is a serial womaniser. Loli finally becomes aware of his infidelities, at the same time as the chance arrival of butch lesbian Marijo (Josiane Balasko). Events take a turn as Loli sets about redressing the balance. A lighthearted sex comedy: “Balasko’s script boils over with quick and funny plot switches” – Barbara Shulgasser, San Francisco Chronicle. “Balasko … actually seems to like her characters” – Tom Charity, Time Out. (Cert 15)
Dirs: Josiane Balasko 107 mins France 1995
We are pleased to welcome Dr Ann Miller, formerly of Leicester University Department of Languages, to introduce this screening.

Programme Notes

Gazon Maudit (French Twist)
France, 1995, 102 mins, Cert 15

introduced by Dr. Ann Miller, formerly of the Department of Languages, University of Leicester.

“Gazon Maudit, aka French Twist, tells the tale of a love affair with a difference. Loli Lafaye (Victoria Abril also in Spanking The Monkey) is the sweet and tolerant wife of Laurent (Alain Chabat), a successful businessman. Loli believes they have a happy marriage, but Laurent is a womaniser with a string of mistresses. Loli unwittingly gains revenge on her husband when, by a French Twist of fate, Marijo (director Josiane Balasko) visits the household when her van breaks down outside the couple’s house. Loli is rapidly seduced by Marijo and Laurent’s reaction only drives the two closer together.” Synopsis, by Sophie Cruickshank, taken from Edinburgh University Film Society programme note (season 1997-8) –

Comment: You may notice the occasional stereotype.

Loli – Victoria Abril
Marijo – Josiane Balasko
Laurent Lafaye – Alain Chabat
Antoine – Ticky Holgado
Dany – Catherine Hiegel
The Prostitute – Catherine Samie
Sopha, the boss – Catherine Lachens
Dorothy Crumble – Telsche Boorman
Emily Crumble – Katrine Boorman

Director – Josiane Balasko
Screenplay – Patrick Aubrée, Josiane Balasko based on a story by Telsche Boorman*
Cinematography – Gérard de Battista
Editing – Kako Kelber, Claudine Merlin
Music – Manuel Malou
Production design – Carlos Conti
Producers – Claude Berri, Pierre Grunstein

*Telsche Boorman, who died aged 40 in 1997, was the daughter of the director John Boorman.