L’ENFANT (The Child)


Set in contemporary Liège, Bruno, 20, lives off the thefts of younger friends and other dishonesties. Now he embarks upon his latest project, disposing of his and his girlfriend’s newborn baby, for money. The Dardenne brothers mostly film in a detached, cool style, but certainly get us deeply involved. In any case, there is a very exciting and moving climax. “Bland and predictable, the picture is unlikely to stir much interest among either the Cannes jury or moviegoers” (Ray Bennett Hollywoodreporter.com). Won the Palme D’Or. (100mins)
Dir: Jean-Pierre and Luc Dardenne, Belgium & France 2005
We are delighted yet again that Dr Ann Miller of Leicester University French Department has agreed to introduce and discuss with us a French language film. Please note this event will start at 7.30 p.m.


“Beautifully acted”

“I thought the film was interesting and I liked the style of camera work. The talk [by Dr Ann Miller] raised a lot of interesting points.”

“One of Ann Miller’s best film introductions yet!”

“I think he was the child! Very good introduction by Ann Miller.”

“For once I could not predict the ending. The motto/moral was ‘Every child should be a wanted child’. Why should he think he [we?] think he wanted his baby when he wasn’t wanted himself?”

“Same ending as last week but a marginally better film, very reminiscent of early Godard in pace and technique.”

“Made Ken Loach seem tame.”

“Not very Belgian! OK but a bit banal.”

“Not totally believable but enjoyable in its careful [?] approach, like a strong soup [or soap!] diluted?”

“Slender, almost predictable.”

“Maybe we should have had La Promesse!”

“Fascinating storyline but credibility let down by (poor) continuity.”

“Good acting but not my thing!”

“What a waste of (their) lives and our evening”


A:6, B:22, C:15, D:3, E:0 to give 67%