For Heaven’s Sake

9/03/2017 19:30.
Cert PG

This year we return to Harold Lloyd for our not really silent comedy. “For Heaven’s Sake guns for loud laughter. It is a strenuous affair, a comedy of gags that follow upon each other with amazing rapidity. The story itself is of little consequence, but the hilarious action, which brought forth volley after volley of laughter, might even make a Sioux chieftain forget his reputation for stoicism.” Mordaunt Hall, New York Times (5th April 1926). (Cert PG)
Dir: Sam Taylor 55mins USA 1926

Accompanied on piano by Andrew Youdell of the National Film Theatre. With supporting programme.
7.30pm start at St Nicolas’ Church, Market Place, Abingdon.


  • Excellent
  • Excellent
  • Brilliant!
  • Terrific!
  • Silent movies – what brilliant fun!
  • A wonderful evening – thank you for choosing such excellent films again!
  • Music wonderful!
  • 100% Harold Lloyd – wonderful.
  • Thanks to the accompanist for his great work
  • Superb – again!
  • Both films complete nonsense – completely delightful!
  • A splendid programme and a look at the appeal of Harold Lloyd’s screen comedy legacy.
  • High & Dizzy was good but Heaven’s Sake did it miles better, with twice the run-time and tighter editing. Andrew Youdell’s dramatic musical undertones also helped
  • Almost too much to laugh at. The music alone deserved an A – albeit the unusual accompaniment to Onward Christian Soldiers
  • When Manners was playing Onward Christian Soldiers, should Andrew have been doing the same?
  • A bit frenetic
  • LA should have kept its trams!


A:47, B:4, C:1, D:0, E:0 to give 97% from 69% of those present.