Tales from the Country

23/02/2017 19:45.
Cert U

Britain, 5 Minutes

Programme Notes

This short compilation goes in search of quirky rituals, from the bottle kickers of Hallaton (Leics) to an ancient dance in Abbots Bromley.

The last of three short films from the Media Archive for Central England being shown in connection with the BFI/Film Audience Network’s three year programme Britain on Film. For further information, see www.bfi.org.uk/britain-on-film and www.britainonfilmscreenings.org.uk


  • Delightful vignettes of British eccentricity and humour, skilfully put together
  • This sort of thing makes me delight in being British – but then I am in a Morris side!
  • Great – it was too short!
  • A fun little film about rituals that may have seemed peculiar to outsiders
  • Enjoyable ‘slice of life’ in England (as it was)
  • Amusing and interesting view of what looked the ’70s
  • Rather patronising interviewer
  • A load of old ‘bull’ but a cartload of fun!
  • Not all a load of ‘bull’


A:5, B:12, C:7, D:3, E:2 to give 63% from 78% of those present.