Taxi Tehran

25/01/2018 19:45.
Cert 12

In 2010 Jafar Panahi, banned from film-making in Iran, defied this ban by posing as a taxi driver, filming in his car and capturing the ensuing conversations with his passengers. Although the viewer is aware that there will have been some scripting, the candid exchanges reveal attitudes and opinions held among those enjoying the privacy that a taxi provides. An enjoyable “fly-on-the-wall” experience that will not be available in Iran any time soon. “This enchanting film shot in the back of a taxi shows how little you need to make a great movie.” David Sexton, The Standard.

Dir: Jafar Panahi 82mins Iran 2015


  • Riveting, amazing, unbelievable
  • Enjoyed this enormously – real directorial skill
  • I loved this – so many stories on the move!
  • Not as ‘black’ as I expected – most enjoyable. How fortunate we are in Britain!
  • At least we have freedom of speech in Britain!
  • Refreshingly different. A picaresque documentary, with a narrative camera
  • A witty and enjoyable piece of work – but with a powerful political punch at the end. What star his niece was!
  • (Panahi had) better stick to film-making as he cannot make any money as a taxi driver – he’s too kind hearted!
  • Very engaging – the politics seeped through (everything)
  • Made splendid use of limited shots and camera positions to tell a slice-of- life story in contemporary Iran
  • A series of cameos about the passengers Panahi helped. I was not at all clear how illicit his videos were or how the ladies with the fish were an illicit subject. Tehran seems a nice city
  • A whole new dimension!
  • Interesting and unusual
  • The longest school run I’ve ever seen!
  • Hilarious and boring by turns. It seemed as if the director just ran out of ideas
  • It was faked! Did you notice how the blood disappeared from the back seat [B]


A:20, B:8, C:6, D:1, E:0 to give 84% from 92% of those present.