The Coat

10/11/2016 19:45.

Canada/Italy/UK 2016,  6mins

Programme Notes

Two travelling actors, discussing an old trunk gag, discover two stowaways – whereupon all their roles are suddenly reversed. Harking back to theatrical moments in movie theatres, The Coat invokes long forgotten performative and social aspects of cinema-going. The first of four short films in the 2016 ICO Artists’ Cinema series, bringing the work of leading visual artists, often playfully and subversively, to diverse cinema audiences. Further information at


Cinematographically interesting but could have done with sub-titles for those not fluent in Italian

No comprendo!

Couldn’t make it out


Did you forget to play some of this?

The credits were the best part


A:1, B:5, C:13, D:5, E:11 to give 36% from 88% of those present.