The End of the Affair


A writer has an affair with the young wife of a senior civil servant, which she ends abruptly without explanation. Two years later he embarks on an investigation that reveals that he had a rival – apart from her husband, that is – who had a stronger claim. An adaptation of one of Grahame Greene’s most personal novels that uses the eternal triangle to talk about lust, love, rejection, renunciation and, ultimately, forgiveness.
UK 1999, 108 minutes


“One of the most intelligent love stories I have seen. Uncluttered by romanticism”

“Very Greene!”

“Gripping, intricate plot”

“The indoor games made up for the never-ending rain outdoors!”

“Too much religion, rain & lack of logic”

“Took too long to get going & (was) oddly uninvolving”

“Overlong & Fiennes miscast as Maurice”

“Very disappointing: a film without charm (charisma)”

“Long-winded, over-musicked & generally unnecessary”

“Q: Why is God like Harry Lime? A: (Because) they’re both the Third Man!”