the-killers-may-7thSiodmak’s adaptation of the Ernest Hemingway short story was Burt Lancaster’s first film role and it made him a star. (The artist Edward Hopper was inspired by the story’s imagery to paint ‘Nighthawks’). In a classic film-noir of tenacity and duplicity, an insurance investigator (Edmund O’Brien) digs up crime, betrayal and a glamorous woman (a smouldering Ava Gardner) behind the death of ex-fighter Lancaster. Told in flashback and using bleakly drawn cinematography, this film has had an enduring influence on many modern directors, including Cronenberg and Tarantino. (Cert PG)
Dir: Robert Siodmak 103 mins USA 1946

This showing is instead of the 5th February showing, which was cancelled due to snow.


“A cracker! Good pace, lighting, music – I loved it.”

“Great fun. Some good one-liners.”

“Touch of Dragnet music in there? Good film – they don’t make ‘em like that anymore!”

“Stylish – I must get one of those fedoras.”

“Lost me after the first 10 mins. but (what) a wonderful array of 40s (American) cars and male headgear!”

“An entertaining and solid (film) noir. Who doesn’t enjoy a ‘double crossing dame’ ??”

“This film was reasonably undated. It was alive, fresh and moved right along. Good choice!”

“I hope the Norwich Union will finger any dame who double crosses me! Worth coming along to.”

“I was expecting more ‘noir’, silence and gloom. All a bit noisy and complicated – but good.”

“Thanks to all the Committee for the (past) season – it’s been great.”


A:15, B:12, C:4, D:0, E:0 to give 84%