the-kite-runnerAdapted from Khaled Hosseini’s novel of the same title, Marc Foster brings us a “movie that succeeds as a pure story, that doesn’t depend on stars, effects or genres, but simply fascinates you with how it will turn out” (Roger Ebert). Beginning before the Russian invasion of Afghanistan, it moves on to the Taliban era. Amir and Hassan are childhood friends whose widower fathers are from opposite ends of the social spectrum. The boys play and fly kites together, a sport later banned. Events lead Amir and his father to seek exile in America, but some years later Amir receives this call from an old family friend: “You should come home. There is a way to be good again”. (Cert 12A)
Dir: Marc Foster 123 mins USA 2007



“Remarkable and compelling”

“A brave film”

“Excellent – show it again!”

“Excellent! Beautiful and thought-provoking on several levels.”

“Brilliant – seeing for a second time only enhanced it (for me). Moving in the extreme!”

“Excruciatingly painful – beautifully acted, especially Hassan, (and) so sad. Wonderful.”

“A beautiful film – charming child actors.”

“A beautiful movie – very amazing. The story was very good but so sad [a French student]”

“Excellent film and very true to the book. Subtitles did not distract. Just excellent.”

“Good pace – very emo(tional). True to the book.”

“A worthy tribute to the book. I think (the film) captured the essence of what it had to say.”

“Good but the book is even better, with greater depth and feeling for all the relationships.”

“Emotionally challenging. (The) great character development and wonderful music made this a noteworthy achievement.”

“I’m stunned and stuck for words – only the kites were free!”

“Very brilliant in many ways (although) the political motives and metaphors a bit too heavily laid on. Gripping, with outstanding photography.”

“Don’t know – calculated or from the heart? (All) the right buttons were pressed for a liberal audience. I must read the book.”

“Very moving – marvellous photography/scenery.”

“Good photography – magnificent scenery.”

“I had requested this film and was not disappointed.”

“I thought the rescue scene was rather far fetched – otherwise great.”

“Good story, spoilt at times by poor English sound track/speech. Good filming, spoilt by occasional blurring.”

“Who would have thought kite flying could be so exciting? A little too long, as usual.”

“Epic! But where was Tony Blair?”

“I used a [illegible] for kite flying.”


A:39, B:11, C:3, D:0, E:0 to give 92%