The Third Man


From the chaos of post-war Russia to moral chaos in post-war Vienna.

With each decade we read the picture in different ways… At each viewing, one notices something new or is reminded of some small, forgotten touch’. Philip French, The Observer

A welcome re-release of the one that’s in everyone’s Top Hundred if not Top Ten, with a villain who entered popular mythology, a title that entered the language, and a theme tune that sold millions (in records and sheet music) and which most people recognise more than fifty years on.


“Superb – incomparable and a thousand thanks for Black & White!”

“One of the greats! Did Hitchcock lend Korda the cat scene?”

“Never bettered: THE most gripping film”

“Still as good as the first time I saw it – around 1951 !!”

“Superb – a classic. I never get tired of seeing this film”

“Amazing pace, dizzy(ing) dissolves, wonderfully slanted shots pevolisbic (?) shadows, fundamentally decent Brits”

“A masterpiece of light and shadow”

“‘A’ for the introductory talk!”

“Very enjoyable and involving but perhaps one has to see it several times to understand (see) what everyone is raving about. As a first-time viewer, it would be better if the introductory talk could avoid giving too much away. Thankyou”

“Sorry – loses its way in the middle”

“What God-awful music !!!!”