Set in Texas-Mexico border country, this is a contemporary “western”, starring and directed by Tommy Lee Jones. An illegal immigrant is killed and his employer, Pete Perkins (Jones), in the face of the sheriff’s indifference, determines to carry Melquiades back to his home village and family for a fitting burial, taking with them a kidnapped Border Patrol agent. “A superbly performed and smartly written tale of companionship, male impotence and revenge in the face of institutional injustice” (Time Out). Best Actor & Best Screenplay Awards, Cannes 2005. (121 mins)
Dir: Tommy Lee Jones, USA 2005


“An exciting adventure”

“A delightful shaggy dog story – Mexican style!”

“Totally BRILLIANT. Great acting, photography and music.”

“Excellent. Amazing scenery. I loved the slow pace – it worked!”

“Excellent – a life-changing experience for (the) Barry (Pepper character).”

“Brilliant – can we see more like this? What am I asking … ??”

“Fantastic – a blend of As I Lay Dying and The Good, the Bad and the Ugy. Brilliant mix of Western nostalgia and the 21st century.”

“Excellent. Justice was done, in a satisfactory conclusion, even if the homecoming for Mel(quiades) wasn’t quite as we thought it would be.”

“Nice to see a modern ‘quest’ movie with no SFX!”

“Nice to see someone regret murder. Beautiful cinematography – very atmospheric. Nicely humorous but too divided (up) – more then one movie (here).”

“Seen it recently but still very enjoyable. Slightly more bizarre than I remembered (and) still too long!”

“Nice, cheerful start to the New Year. How I envy the Small Animal Wrangler! One burial too many.”

“One burial would have been enough!”

“Why so many cruel films? Although it was very good, with good pictures.”

“I couldn’t understand the first half-hour but then it came together. Brilliant scenery and photography – made me want to go there. Would make a good travelogue (film).”

“Confusing early flashbacks. Super scenery (vs.) dreary, man-made Texas. Gripping, once the journey began. Unforgiving violence.”

“Came to life for me only with the non-existence of Jimenez …”

“Atmospheric but ultimately frustrating!”

“An annoying film in many ways; ie, it would have taken him all night to dig that body up and what did they live on?”


A:20, B:14, C:5, D:1, E:0 to give 83%