The Victory (Der Sieg)

3/10/2002 01:00.

Can we achieve ‘victory’ or do we just end up where we started?
Germany 1998, 8 minutes

Programme Notes

Director: Robert Krause


“Amazing photography”

“Wunderbar (shon). Ausgezeichnet!”

“Sad Horrifying”

“And then what…?”

“Echoes of Leni R. in the first part.”

“Come back Leni Reifenstahl – all is forgiven!”

“Beautifully photographed gymnastics but a bit sentimental.”

“Good photography – over sentimental handling of the story.”

“Very confusing: cannot comment on (whether) good or bad.”

“Unrelentingly gripping: so short (but) it said so much.”

“There were two sub-texts not followed through:- a) a Nazi theme b) a homo-erotic theme. Slight distraction to the main message: victory can be over disaster as well as an athletic triumph.”


A:11, B:13, C:11, D:2, E:4 to give 65%