The view from our house

22/02/2018 19:45.
Cert E

This documentary tells the story of photographer Erika Koch (1915-2010), who lived in Berlin Tempelhof from 1928-1936. The View from our House presents the everyday sights she will have seen there, while the narrator reads selections from her recorded memories, letters and diaries. At the age of 21 she fled to England, since as a Jewess her life was imperilled. After internment on the Isle of Man as an enemy alien she had a successful career in London as a photographer. “… a haunting and quietly moving essay film.”   Edward Lawrenson, Rotterdam Film Festival

A rare opportunity to hear the directors, Anthea Kennedy and Ian Wiblin, present and discuss their film

Dirs:  Anthea Kennedy/Ian Wiblin 75 mins   UK   2013


  • Atmospheric ….
  • I really enjoyed the introduction to the film and the discussion with the film makers. Film was very effective but perhaps a little too long
  • Powerful pathos, interwoven with thoughtful photography, narration and music. The story emerged from a skilful blend of past and present. A bit too repetitive but still worth an A. The written introduction was very helpful but I had difficulty hearing the discussion
  • A very interesting way of capturing a sense of Erika’s experiences
  • Used repeated imagery, selected text and musical extracts to create a visual essay describing the memories of Erika Koch. An interesting evening featuring films that conveyed time and memory in their own artistic manner
  • A photographer’s film – and all the better for it!
  • An interesting idea which worked rather imperfectly. The evocative and poignant narrative was rarely connected, for me, with the scenes of modern Berlin. The still photos from the 1930s had a much bigger impact. The film was much enhanced by the subsequent discussion, though – maybe we should have had that first!
  • Used different media in a very complementary way
  • Very chilling, with haunting Schubert to accompany it
  • Many of the images were like still photos but with tiny movements from the wind and insects. I found this device interesting
  • Hard to watch. Images varied and meaningful, with repetition of the main themes of horror
  • Narration = tragic story. Film too disjointed and ‘dark’ for me


A:9, B:12, C:6, D:1, E:0 to give 76% from 64% of those present.