“This is Almodóvar’s most sophisticated film to date: a joyous, touching, funny and thrilling account of the up-and-downs of family life. Part thriller, part comedy and part drama, it also offers Penélope Cruz the chance to show just why she is so highly rated as an actress in her native country, and not just the piece of arm candy that we have come to know from her Hollywood offerings” (Paul Hurley, Tiscali.co.uk). For “ups-and-downs” read murder, ghostly re-appearances and a rotten husband, to name but three. (121 mins)
Dir:Pedro Almodóvar, Spain 2006



“A beautiful film.”

“At last a good film!”

“Definitely my favourite so far this season!”

“Excellent – wonderful black humour.”

“A magnificent film. Very poignant but well laced with black humour.”

“Weird but I enjoyed it!”

“Stunningly original and coherent.”

“Outstanding and original – let’s not forget Iglesias’ music. The artificial [indecipherable] at the start made me wonder about the acting but I was misled!”

“A wonderful tale of village life and superstition surviving in a totally 21st century context. Great film!”

“A view of several different interwoven worlds. Engrossing but playful.”

“V. good film – remained intriguing for the full two hours! Lots of unexpected turns; never predictable.”

“The plot unfolded gently (and there were) some great shots.”

“Strange to see a film where the men, not the women, were (either) incidental, invisible or plot devices. Penelope Cruz was wasted on Hollywood.”

“The bird’s-eye, and other, views of Penelope Cruz’s cleavage greatly appreciated! Also, no canoes [?] necessary.”

“Only one disappointment – I thought the murdered husband was going to be cooked in the restaurant and served to the film crew. Otherwise top notch!”

“Never saw that one coming! Not so sure about the furniture removals. This was the best type of film: comedy and drama – just like real life!”

“All about Almodovar’s mother – again?”

“Puzzling! Raimunda had strong nerves. Beautiful credits.”

“I loved the humour and the beautiful old Spanish houses. Storyline OK but (film) not so good as rated, though.”

“Compelling viewing but too long.”

“Convoluted and so tedious.”


A:33, B:8, C:3, D:1, E:0 to give 91%